Hello!  My name is Maria Herbert-Liew and I am a freelance illustrator based in Glasgow.  I work with publishers, designers and art directors to bring visual ideas to life.  
I love to draw people, nature and fun! I've recently been working on a set of illustrated dictionaries and thesauruses for children with HarperCollins.  Have a look in my portfolio to see more.
I also keep a BLOG if you want to find out what I've been up to lately.
- A little more about me -
I studied Fine Art & Art History at Goldsmiths College, then went on to do a MA in Children's Book Illustration at Cambridge School of Art.
I believe that art has the power to transform, and it is for everyone!  Illustration is a truly accessible and communicative form of art, and I think it is one of the greatest there is.
How about you?  Maybe we can work together?  If you think I could be the right person to bring your ideas to life- get in touch and find out.
Here are some nice things that clients have said:

“Amazing stuff Maria!  It’s been awesome working with you… I’m sure we’ll be working on something again in the future!”
Edward Gallacher - Creative Development/Producer - HITRECORD ON TV

“Maria has always brought a wonderful creative spirit to any project we’ve worked on, she delivers work of the highest quality and on time, always offering more than expected.  I can sum up working with Maria in one word... joy".
Kevin Robbins - Senior Designer - HarperCollins

“Lots of praise for your illustrations coming in… Thanks a bundle!”
Rachel Collingwood - Director - VeryIntelligentPrincess.com

If you have an idea that you’d like to discuss 

You can also read my blog or sign up to my mailing list here:

All photo credits Maria Herbert-Liew, except studio shot by Dan Pike